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We are a VC fund focused on investing in early-stage companies in the healthcare sector: biotechnology, medical devices and eHealth.

Invivo Ventures is managed by Invivo Capital Partners, promoted by Luis Pareras and Albert Ferrer, with the experience gained through the first fund Healthequity. The fund was registered to the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) in March 2019 and has achieved a final closing of 60M €.

We are a team of highly qualified professionals, with the scientific, technical and financial know-how required to analyse and make investments to provide value to the invested company. We also have a network of contacts and key strategic relationships in the health ecosystem.

Our company is financed by the European Investment Fund, the Instituto de Crédito Oficial, the Institut Català de Finances, the Institut Valencià de Finances, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and other private investors.

Investment strategy



We seek projects according to the following criteria:

  • Powerful proof of concept: solid scientific package with convincing results in animal models.
  • Unique technology and disruptive product: scientific innovation should represent a substantial improvement over current technology.
  • Roadmap and clearly defined costs.
  • Multidisciplinary and committed team.
  • Specific indications that can be complemented with line extensions.
  • Strong protection of intellectual property or the ability to generate strong entry barriers for competitors.
Investment size

Investment size

We set initial investments in the range of 0.5-2M €, and after achieving pre-established milestones we can reach up to 4M €.

State of development

State of development

We focus on investing in companies in early stages, mainly in the technology transfer phase. In the case of biotechnology companies, they should have a solid proof of concept in animal models, and in the case of medical devices or digital health companies, a prototype close to the market.

Geographical focus

Geographical focus

We invest in Spain a significant amount of the funds raised, while a smaller percentage is considered for investments syndicated with other funds in European companies.



We want to diversify risks by investing in companies in different stages and different sub-sectors within the biomedical area, such as biotechnology, medical devices and digital health.


Healthequity is a VC fund focused on investing in early-stage companies in the Healthcare sector. Promoted by the Medical Association of Barcelona and the financial group Riva y Garcia, it was registered with the CNMV and founded in 2012.

The fund finished its first investment period in early 2019.


Luis Pareras
Albert Ferrer
Laura Rodriguez
Oscar Ferrer
Investment Analyst
Gemma Guinart
Investment Analyst
Marta Tort
Investment Analyst
Begoña Aguirre
Executive Assistant


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